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Crop Lines of Insurance


MPCI has many different levels of coverage, it takes a great deal more effort these days than in the past to try to analyze each year which coverage is best for each farmer. It seems every farmer has a different circumstance as to just what is the best policy coverage for him/her that particular year. With the gambles farmers face today with Mother Nature and her disasters or insects or whatever it may be, it's a secure feeling to have your crop covered for a claim that might come up. Of course being paid on a crop loss most likely is not nearly as good as getting the good crop harvested but it does help recoup the large inputs we have into our crops today.

MPCI has been a godsend for Farmers in North Dakota the past several years. Mother Nature has not been kind resulting in huge claims being paid to area farmers whether it was drought, too much rain, hail, insects or not enough heat units for crops to mature.

We are sure everyone knows MPCI is very complicated and is continuously changing from year to year. There are several different ways and levels of coverage. That is why we always meet with our customer's several times a year to make certain they have the best coverage for their operation. We are the largest writers of MPCI in our area and take great pride in giving our farmers the best service available on this complicated program. If you are not presently insured with us please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our offices and see how we can help you get the coverage you so deserve.



This new concept began a few years ago and we have been writing it ever since its inception. Many agents aren't familiar with this new concept but here at Bowerman Insurance, we try to stay on top of all insurance risks and therefore write alot of this coverage. Some companies don't offer this so a lot of agents can't offer it to their customers. We won't sell MPCI for a company that doesn't offer this product. With more producers electing the Enterprise Unit Discount this hail production plan just plain works with the great coverage and lower premium. This plan is not only less money it pays out much better and totals out very quick compared to your traditional hail plans. When you sign up with a company that offers PHP you don't need to sign up for the hail plan by March 15th, but you need to be signed up with a company that does offer it when you decide to buy your hail coverage later as your crop progresses. If you want to have the opportunity to be able to purchase PHP, please call us by March 15th and we can give you all the details about this coverage and then get you on board with a company that offers the hail coverage opportunity later!


Hail coverage has changed dramatically the last several years. Probably the newest type of hail coverage is the Companion Hail Policies. You must have a MPCI policy before you can buy one of these policies. These policies have several multipliers, they can be very advantageous in the event of a small loss as they are multiplied times the factor that you have purchased. With a small loss there would most likely not be a loss on the MPCI policy, but there would be very good coverage on Companion Hail Plans. It covers the GAP that a MPCI policy wouldn't cover.

Another new feature we have with crop hail is the Auto Crop feature. This works out very well as hail coverage is automatically added on when you report your MPCI acres. There would be automatic coverage even if you haven't reported your acres. We are seeing more and more farmers doing this every year.

We write a large amount of HAIL Insurance in this area and always try our best to get the best policy that fits with the crop and your operation. If you haven't bought crop hail in recent years or want to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our offices and see how we can help you get the coverage you need and will give you peace of mind from any devastating hail storms.


This coverage is when normal rainfall is less during a specific two-month time interval (frame). Since this covers hayland and pastureland, ranchers are finding this is a great tool to protect them during times when there is less than normal rainfall, which is so vital to produce grass and hay for their livestock. We have several options and programs to show what is best for your operation. Please contact us here at Bowerman Insurance for more information.


This coverage is when there is less than normal rainfall for the location of your colonies (hives) during a specific time period. ND has 2 month interval time frames, but in other states the time periods vary. We can cover your hives in more than one state. We write many policies this way.

For example, the summer months are covered in ND and the winter months are covered in California. We were the first writers of this popular coverage in ND, and in CA, where we wrote the first policy ever. Now there are hundreds of thousands of colonies insured.

We have been in this business since the inception of this coverage and completely understand how to structure your policies to get the best payout. For more information, please contact us here at Bowerman Insurance.